At the Villa Rose

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 23 January 2019
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I came to A. E. W. Mason by chance. Reading an old (perhaps 1940's) article about Agatha Christie, in which the journalist surmised that Christie had learned her skills from close reading of the stories of one Inspector Hanaud written by A. E. W. Mason. Never before had I heard of Hanaud or Mason. I did an Internet search of the name which, turned up a Wikipedia article. Reading through I saw that Mason's first novel was 'At The Villa Rose'. I bought it on Kindle. I began the read directly and found it very difficult to put down. The whole book is uncomplicated by the stupid typographical mistakes that usually accompany books on Kindle which, earns it an extra star because rarely do I award five stars to any book.
Hanaud is a French detective. I come from a francophone family. I found the manner of speaking plus, the words Mason puts into the characters mouths, to be most authentic. The description of surroundings and people are hardly detailed yet, images conjured by them were quickly and easily found. It's an altogether First Class detective story. By comparison with Christie: She is the student and Mason the undisputed master. I'll be moving onto the next Inspector Hanaud story shortly.
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