German Easy Reader Super 500

Learn German with short stories!

Super 500 is the easiest German reader and German-English bilingual book. In it we accompany the Schmidt family in a number of entertaining short stories. The author doesn’t explain the grammar, but he gives the conjugation of some verbs and the meaning of many words. The story itself is quite easy, and sentences are short. The author uses the active voice only and doesn’t use complex tenses. In this book there are lots of repetitions of similar sentences, so you can learn words and phrases by heart.
This book is recommended for absolute beginners of German as the primer, or as second or third German learning material.

Rezension aus den Vereinigten Staaten vom 20. Januar 2017
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Fantastic book. This is exactly what I needed. Admittedly I have picked up random bits of German at various points throughout my life, but had very little formal study, I decided to give this a try, and couldn't recommend it more. It's simple in a good way. It talks through the various parts of a day, family life, etc. and the author goes out of his way to go over various ways of saying the same kind of thing. So learn various grammatical forms without poring over some boring chart (though the infrequent interspersed tables are quite useful). The pacing of introducing new material is perfect. And the best part of all is the free audio. Oh man.... Put on a chapter and read along. Repeat a few times if necessary and you'll have a pretty good understanding of everything being said. Then throw it on your iPod in the car while driving for review. I honestly would have paid twice the price for the audio. Seriously fantastic job, sir.
5,0 von 5 Sternen A 100% Recommendation
Rezension aus dem Vereinigten Königreich vom 5. April 2017
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I was initially disappointed with this book because of its blatant simplicity, but of course that is the whole point! Once the adult reader gets over the hurdle of what feels like a nursery book I found it deceptively compelling. The constant repetition of words and phrases makes full use of the differences and use of dative and accusative cases in particular, which seems to make an almost natural sense of proper syntax in simple German sentences. I have found that just reading a page at a time, interspersed with my other German studies is both refreshing and helpful, providing some reassurance as to moving forward with the language, especially for the independent learner where external support is lacking. An added bonus is that there is a free audio download of this book available from the author's web-site.

Rezension aus Deutschland vom 4. Juli 2017
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Absolutely great book. I wanted a way to study alone without using boring grammar books and the way this book builds on structures in a story format is perfect to drill fluency home. It can be used in so many ways - reading slowly to figure out grammar, quickly to let it sink deeper, listening to the downloads is super helpful and I got a friend to speak the english so I could try to translate. Even though I knew most of the vocab and grammar already, I lacked fluency and always made mistakes. This book helped me to get the skill to think and speak quickly. I've recommended it to loads of people.