German Pre-Intermediate Reader - Super 1000

Learn German with short stories!

Easy reader based on the 1000 most common words in German. Enables you to understand almost 90% of the vocabulary of average German texts. Most common tenses and sentence structures practised.Original German text side by side with an English translation.16 entertaining chapters on 233 pages.FREE MP3 recording of German text available

Rezension aus den Vereinigten Staaten vom 11. März 2017
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Absolutely fantastic, like the easy reader before it. I've literally spent thousands of dollars on various language learning programs in my life, ranging from self-study to small group instruction, and this is without a doubt the most effective. The progression of both vocabulary and grammatical complexity is perfect. And the thematic chapters that revolve around everyday scenarios is so much better than the incredibly contrived norm. I really wish there were more material like this available for other languages.
5,0 von 5 Sternen Highly recommended
Rezension aus dem Vereinigten Königreich vom 21. Februar 2017
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I find this a brilliant way to learn German. The text is truly parallel (on the opposite page), unlike others that claim to be but aren't and the text is cleverly written to cover the main conjugations, cases, etc. It's repetitive to reinforce the learning and with the MP3 downloads of the recordings, the basics are covered. I started with the Easy Reader 500, that I only gave 4 stars to, but this one is thicker (227 pages) and I really feel I'm learning after years of not getting very far with grammar books and other "simple story books".
Rezension aus den Vereinigten Staaten vom 10. Februar 2019
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I'm on the second story in this book, and I have to give this book and his ( Brian's ) three or four easier books a good review. I've read each of the previous books. I've liked them all. I especially like being able to glance over to the other page when I don't know a word. I spent two years learning German, but I had to come back home and for many years German has been unfinished business for me. So, I am very glad for these books. Thank you!
PS. I don't really have to translate the words in these books as I read them. However, It will be a long time before I can speak German so well. And regarding understanding German, the readings from the internet are helpful. Thank you for those too. Mr Smith, please forgive my poor German, Ich wunche dir ein tolles leben! Danke Sehr!