German Intermediate Reader - Excitement in Munich

Learn German with short stories!

This reader is designed to help intermediate level learners of German become more fluent in the areas of reading, understanding and usage. Join the Schmidt family as they go about their daily lives in Munich and have experiences that range from the frightening to the amusing, from the mundane to the fascinating. The fourteen chapters cover a wide range of common vocabulary in various settings and will help the learner to interact with German native speakers. Vocabulary and common language functions are repeated many times to help reinforce the learning process.In each chapter you will find the original German text side by side with an English translation. The purpose of the translation is to help you better understand the German text, so the English version follows the German original closely. A FREE MP3 recording of all units is available at the author's website.Don't miss Intermediate German Reader 2 - Winter Wonderland by the same author.

Rezension aus den Vereinigten Staaten vom 18. September 2015
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This is an excellent book for improving your German. I had finished most of the Andre Klein books, and this was the next step. Although I had never successfully read a dual language book before (although I own several in various languages), I was not sure how it would work, but here's how it went. At first I could barely get through a few words of the German without having to "peek" at the English to see the translation. After a while, I would read a sentence of the German, then go over to the English side to check, and confirm certain words. By the end of the book, I was reading whole paragraphs or even pages in German, then went to the English just to see if I understood everything correctly. The book is divided into fourteen chapters, each one only 5 or 6 pages long (the entire book is 180 pages, which really means 90 pages because each one is repeated). There's sort of a continuing story, and although it's not really deep, it is entertaining. Highly recommended if you're an intermediate German learner.
Rezension aus den Vereinigten Staaten vom 3. Juli 2016
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I am really enjoying this book, it is worth every penny! What a fun way to improve your German! Love the story-lines and Brian's sense of humor. You can also listen to these stories FOR FREE on author's website! That is a very valuable tool for me. I've been studying German by myself for about 6 months, so I estimate my level to be lower-intermediate at this time. This book feels just right - not too simple, but not too complicated. Many thanks to the author!
5,0 von 5 Sternen This an excellent book. I started to learn German in my ...
Rezension aus dem Vereinigten Königreich vom 19. Juli 2015
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This an excellent book. I started to learn German in my late 40s. As I didn't learn via the "traditional" route, i.e. 'O' level followed by 'A' level and university, my German has been acquired in a rather piecemeal fashion. Now retired, I'd say that my level is perhaps B1 or B2 on the Common European Reference Framework. Nevertheless, my informal learning method has left many gaps in my knowledge. This book is rapidly filling the gaps, especially with regard to spoken German. It's full of everyday sayings such as: "Was ist hier den los?" - what's going on here? and "Bitte gern geschehen" - you're welcome. These are the kind of frequently used, informal phrases that never seem to be covered in traditional course books. The short stories are interesting and amusing and opposite each page in German is an English translation which saves tedious reference to a dictionary. However, the vocabulary is not difficult for an intermediate speaker. If like me you have a shelf full of textbooks, grammar, and exercise books, you'll find this reader to be a very useful addition to your collection. It's worth buying for the colloquial language alone. I hope the author is thinking of writing a further book in this style, perhaps at C1 level.