German Easy Reader 2 - Adventures in Bavaria
Learn German with short stories!

This easy reader is based on the German Easy Reader Super 500. Its aim is to give the reader further practice at the level reached at the end of that reader. The complexity of the language and most of the vocabulary have been carefully chosen to enable an easy understanding of the text after completing Super 500. New vocabulary is strictly limited and repeatedly used throughout the reader to help you achieve maximum fluency with a minimum of effort. There are FREE recordings of the German stories for you to listen to online or to download.

Rezension aus den Vereinigten Staaten vom 19. September 2018
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I have now finished the second of these book and ready to start number three. I have tried other German language lessons including some expensive online programs. This simple system works for me. By reading and reread you begin to understand what you are reading, not the process of translating word by word to English. I new that I could never be proficient reading, hearing and speaking German if I had to translate each work or phrase to English and then back to German. I'm highly recommend these books.
Rezension aus den Vereinigten Staaten vom 11. Februar 2020
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This is a great continuation from the 1st graded reader by Brian Smith. The writing is VERY basic and you get a continued introduction to the word order situation in German, which can be weird for English speakers. The best part about Brian's books is that there is recorded audio for each book that he writes. It's free and is available on his website. Reading a text while listening along to the recorded audio of the text is a huge booster in language learning.
Rezension aus Deutschland vom 13. Februar 2020
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Have tried soooo many beginning/intermediate German readers--this series IMHO is totally the best--the side by side translation is so helpful when you are stuck as it translates every word-not just the one the author thinks you might not know. And the wonderful number of repetitions of a construction that the author thinks you should really learn are just great--he goes to great lengths to present these needed constructions in many slightly different variations so that you really get it and after a while you own it. I, for one, cannot memorize words, constructions or verb conjugations--I need them to be presented in a story--years later I will still remember a construction I need from a story I read. For me this is the perfect way to learn a foreign language.